28 Mar / 2017

Internet connection problems on Nexus 6

No modern smartphone is free of defects that come out sooner or later, causing serious problems for their users. Such trouble has just started to make Nexus 6, which the owners can not connect to the Internet network. Worse yet, the problems include devices from different operators and different software.

The Nexus 6 seems to be the smartphone that has the least problems, but he can occasionally give his users trouble. At present, its owners are experiencing problems with the Internet connection. The number of posts appearing on this subject on online forums suggests that their scale is quite significant because the problem affects users regardless of the origin of the device and the software installed on it.

The problem that appeared a few weeks ago prevents the smartphone from connecting to the Internet. Restart helps, but only for a moment and quite quickly there is a signal missing signal. Users have already tried different methods to solve the problem, but none has worked. In some cases, it helps to take out SIM cards for a while, but it seems that it does not solve the case definitively.

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