US Army engineers are testing a new weapon designed to combat enemy air units. The project is called Phaser and it emits microwave waves that destroy electrons of drones.

The American military thanks to modern fighters has been in the air for years, without having to fear any opponent. For a few years, the rules of warfare look somewhat different. Nowadays, they play cheap drones, which are as effective as fighters and are much more difficult to destroy.

The American army leading the war against ISIS is not able to defend its soldiers from the attacks of fast and deadly drones. Her engineers have developed a new weapon that will help in this. The project is called Phaser and is a microwave weapon that works from 2013.

In a small container there is a diesel generator and aiming systems and at its top a large, parabolic antenna emitting microwaves. With external radar, Phaser can track and track incoming targets, and then send them a concentrated microwave beam that destroys onboard electronics. What is more, it is so strong that it can knock several targets out of the sky at the same time.