Chinese computer maker Lenovo has been on the black list of government agencies for years, fearing that Chinese manufacturers could gain access to classified information.

In 2005, the then IBM was taken over by the Chinese company Lenovo, and that was the beginning of many problems for this company. As ordinary users boast laptops of this company as solid and cheap, so many government agencies do not want to buy network equipment manufactured by them, with the fear of spying.

As reported by sources, Lenovo hardware do not want to have service from Canada, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. For example, the British intelligence agency claims that networked devices have found a gateway to get into the system, and that their software is vulnerable to attacks that could endanger the secret information collected by the agencies.

Lenovo is not the only Chinese company to which government agencies have a huge aversion. Huawei is also censored in many countries, and recently the company has been debated in the US Congress, where it has banned the purchase of its network hardware. On the other hand, in the UK, Huawei has been investigated, which has of course been met with harsh reactions by both the company itself and its supporters who have identified these activities as racist and stresses that governments in this way provide the local business with an unfair advantage.

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