BlackBerry smartphones still provide secure communications that government agencies can not intercept. The Pakistani government considers this to be a function that could harm state security, so it ordered the Communications Authority to block access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

The official cause of this decision is security considerations, but it does not explain exactly what is causing the government’s fears. BES is a message-encrypting system so that no one can intercept it during transmission. Unofficially, the government is concerned that gangs and terrorists could use BlackBerrys to schedule attacks, and that the services would not be able to keep them in check.

Such a decision is not a big surprise, because in this country the interview has a lot of powers and it works virtually out of control, spying on journalists, politicians, judges and many others. The state also requires that the citizen sign a contract for the provision of telecommunication services, also leaving his fingerprints to be easily identifiable.