Next month Volkswagen will show a new electric car. His presentation will take place at the Paris car showroom. Powered by the current model, it will be able to travel 480 km.

The dieselgate affair with which the Volkswagen Group is involved has already cost the multimillionaire a German brand, and that is probably not the end of all the costs that will have to be borne. Other countries are predicting the imposition of penalties, and if that is not enough, there is a significant decline in interest in vehicles due to the loss of confidence in the brand.

Volkswagen wants to redeem itself in the eyes of customers by introducing electric vehicles. As CEO of Hebert Diess confirmed, already in September, during the Parisian salon, will be shown to the world a new model powered by electricity, which on one charge will pass a distance of 480 km.

Exact specification is not provided, however Diess assures that the size will be close to the Golf, but the luggage space will be the same as the Passat.

The company has set itself the ambitious goal of producing several million electric vehicles a year. Moreover, Volkswagen will also produce batteries. Unofficial talks are being made about plans to invest several billion euros in their new factory, which will be set up in Germany.