The technical specs of the Nexus 6 we met long before its world premiere, but so far, the device hides a secret before us, which has only now been revealed. It turns out that the new phablet Google has had a fingerprint reader. However, at the design stage of the device, it was decided to abandon this element.

Fingerprint readers are beginning to slowly become the basic equipment of modern smartphones. We will find them in the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and even the products of your company.

This element is not found in the Nexus 6 launched in November this year. This is another member of Google’s family of devices, which is also the first phablet for it. This time the Mountain View company built the device with Motorola engineers, so the hardware looks very much like the Moto X.

However, returning to the mentioned sensor, it was discovered now that this element was initially found in Nexus 6. This is due to files derived from the Android Open Source Project. One of them suggests that the device had a sensor provided by Validity Sesor Inc., which was bought by Synaptic a year ago, which in turn was the supplier of touch screen drivers for many smartphone models.

The reader was supposedly present in the prototype of the new smartphone, but was removed from it. Perhaps Google, after reviewing the technology at the stage of production, found that this element in its latest Nexus is completely redundant, so the final version of phablet does not have it. Of course the official explanation is lacking, so we can only speculate on the reasons for this decision.