The Internet is a place where money can be practically done with nothing. An example is China Capital Investment Limited, which buys parked Internet domains and then uses a special script to display the ads on various types of websites.

As reported by the media, the Chinese CCI has recently made a very surprising move, the acquisition of about $ 2 million 196 879 Internet domains parked right after registration, whose owners have for some time forgotten to pay for them.

Of course, the company did not register random domains, but carefully selected for the number of backlinks. These are links from other sites that lead to content on a domain-linked site. Then, using a special script, they use them to show ads.

If, for example, we liked the image on a page linked to one of the parked domains and pasted it on our site along with the link to it, we can replace it with special CCI tools. Instead of the image mentioned above, this site will display the ad, which the site owner probably will not even know, thereby contributing to the expansion of Chinese business assets.

The malicious script does the same thing with JavaScript files. So, if we use an extension file hosted on an external site whose rental period has expired, CCI after taking over this domain can take over virtually all traffic from our site by directing it to its own parked domain where ads are displayed.